A U G U S T O   D E   C A M P O S

born in 1931, lives in São Paulo, Brasil. He is a pioneer of international Concrete Poetry and co-founder of the journal and artist group "Noigandres" in 1952. He has worked on translations and rewritings of Pound, Joyce, Stein, Cummings, Mallarmé, the Russian avant-garde and the Provençal troubardours. Among his accomplishments are numerous personal and group exhibitions; large collections of his works can be found in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and the Archivo de Nuova Scrittura in Milan. In recent years Augusto de Campos has conducted intense investigations in new media technology: holography, video and digital animation. His main works: "Poemobiles" (São Paulo 1974); "VIVA VAIA. Poesia 1949-1979" (São Paulo 1979); "Caixa Preta" (São Paulo 1975); "Expoemas" (São Paulo 1985); "Poesia e risco" (São Paulo 1995, CD). [ web site ]