Cunnilingus in Nordkorea

Cunnilingus in North Korea is a text “that North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il asked Young- Hae Chang Heavy Industries to present.” In their web works YHCHI combine text with jazz to create Flash pieces. It’s a simple technique that shuns interactivity, graphics, photos, illustrations, banners, colors, and all but the Monaco font, and at the same time cuts across the lines separating digital animation, motion graphics, experimental video, i-movies, and e-poetry. YHCHI see language as the essence of the Internet, the real gateway to using the Web. Each language comes with a full baggage of history and culture. Certain governments don't ban or burn books anymore, they prevent access to the Web, meaning they justify a different history than the one we do by using English (or Korean, French, German). So the choice of language is probably the biggest historical influence on YHCHI’s work.

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

was founded in Seoul by Young-Hae Chang and Marc Voge. Their web pieces present, for instance, a Homeric hero searching for sublime meaning in the insignificance of a life lived anywhere but where it seemingly counts; Asian businessmen and bar hostesses drinking the night away; a man who dies and is reborn a stick; a Korean cleaning lady who is really a French philosopher; an illegal immigrant in a holding cell under the Justice Palace, in Paris; a woman who sexually embraces corporate monopoly; an evening with Sam Beckett in a bordello; a night roundup followed by an execution; a frustrated bongo player; the second Korea war;

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