Stream deals with issues concerning presence, both physical and virtual, and asks: How would we perceive ourselves to “be” as a “stream of consciousness” amongst all the other “streams”? In the installation, viewers are confronted with a 3-D visualization of an abstract space composed of texts and ghost-like apparitions which stream constantly down through the space while laterally tracking the viewers position (by infra-red digital video input). This happens on all the walls and for all the viewers so that all the viewers are able to see what all the other viewers are seeing and from each others “point of view.” Stream functions as an installation piece and a web-based work. That is, when on exhibition the installation is simultaneously logged onto the Internet. Those viewers who are physically interacting in the real space are also able to see the “presence” of those viewers who are remotely logged on via the Web—and vice versa.

Simon Biggs

born in Adelaïde, Australia, in 1957, has been a professor at the Art and Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, since 1999. In 1978, he invented a graphic computer system, and has since used the computer for his art which includes digital animation, interactive installation, CD-ROMs, Internet and related media. His work has been shown at numerous international exhibitions and festivals. Simon Biggs received many grants and awards and has published numerous essays on media art. Latest publication: Impossible Project (ed.: D. Cotterrall, Black Dog Books, London, 2003).

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