Souvenir is a mysterious story about the culture of distant peoples, from a time before the white man came. In the area in front of the Kulturforum at Potsdamer Platz, the hypertextual navigation of an invisible, satellite-controlled map of the world is possible. One simply wears a small rucksack containing all the necessary equipment. The voices and sounds which can be heard on headphone change as if by magic: there is a different story for each stone in this area, which develops as you go. Memories, stratification, rituals, instructions for survival. And for what use? No explorer need travel to the jungle or the Antarctic again. It suffices to go to the library—which is on the other side of the Potsdamer Platz! This is because all the cultures dealt with in the roaming story have long since disappeared. Hence the title “Souvenir”.

The project has been developed in cooperation with Dominica Freier and David Reuter.

Stefan Schemat

born in 1960. Since 1991 he has been doing research on the cognitive psychology of New Media and hypermedia and developed a narrative biofeedback system. In 1997 he founded the “media G. media lab” in Hamburg. He is a writer, programmer, and inventor of the “breathing book” and “augmented reality fiction,” the first GPS driven spatial audio narrative hyper media (“roaming novel”).

Heiko Idensen

s a hyper-textwriter, -textreader, -scholar, - netcritic, -deconstructivist, -performer.

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