Le nouveau prépare l’ancien

The structure of this poem is more complex than initially apparent. The text deals with the reading of algorithmic poems according to the concept “la lecture interdit la lecture” (the reading prohibits the reading): the way in which the reader behaves steers a visual text, as well as two overlapping audio texts, in a manner which remains inaccessible. Depending on how only three interactive parts of the visual text are handled, the audio texts are produced differently with each reading. Thus the behaviour of the recipient determines composition, duration, and comprehensibility of these text levels depending on how “adequately” one behaves toward the work structure. For the most part this structure remains secret. It is by no means guaranteed that the text will be completely and “correctly” realized—even after multiple readings.

Philippe Bootz

born in 1957, works as an assistant professor of multimedia at the University of Versailles-St. Quentin and as a researcher at the Paragraphe Laboratory (University Paris 8) and at the Laboratory of Digital Music of Marseille (MIM). He has been a contributor for multimedia at the ENSCI (Paris) since 1999, and the president of the association, MOTS-VOIR, since 1984. Philippe Bootz is the co-founder of the French group, L.A.I.R.E., since 1988, and since 1989 the editor of alire, the first European multimedia journal and review of electronic poetry. He also cofounded the international collective, Transitoire Observable, in 2003. As an author, he has been working with text installations as well as with programmed poetry since 1978.

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