In Teletext, Jodi have returned to a more than twenty-year-old, and virtually classic form of television communication: the approx. 400 files of text were produced with a teletext editor. The project adheres to Jodi’s familiar aesthetics of break, irritation, and the in-between. The common linearity of screen-text was disrupted using extreme linkage and a “dirty” structure, which moves between order and chance, i.e., trash, as well as between screen and code. Pictures were also processed in the editor, which are reminiscent of ASCII-Art, although they oppose—in color —that legendary purism: “Bastard-ASCII!” Nonetheless, the question central to visual poetry is raised: Where to draw the line between text and graphics, or how reading and viewing oscillate intermedially? Teletext was broadcast (appropriately) on Dutch television teletext, although with low audience ratings—the work has been better received on the Internet.


is from the Netherlands. JOan Heemskerk, born in 1968, and DIrk Paesmans, born in 1965, have been working together on the Net under the common name of Jodi since 1995. Jodi counts among the pioneers of net art. Originally, they come from the world of photography, video, and performance. They have exhibited and lectured internationally and received numerous grants and awards.

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