Diagram Series 6

Diagrams Series 6 (a work in progress, currently consisting of five poems) continues the ongoing work Jim Rosenberg has been doing with diagram poems since 1968. In these works, syntax is separated into a separate channel via a diagram notation, allowing words and phrases to be juxtaposed with no structure at all—being placed simply one on top of another—while still allowing these juxtapositions to be combined into larger syntactical structures. These text-clusters are designed in analogy to the musical concept of sound clusters. Diagrams Series 6 is actually the first of the series of diagram poems to be “written in place,” that is, written completely in the same environment in which they are displayed. In this environment the interactive word object is at last a true object.

Jim Rosenberg

born in 1947 in Denver, Colorado, and lives in Grindstone, Pennsylvania. He studied Mathematics at the Pomona College and at the University of California, Berkeley. He has done poetic work since 1966 including print and interactive poetics, experimental radio plays, text installations, and performances. Some of his poetic presentations have taken place in San Francisco Poetry Center, at Intersection, San Francisco, Cody’s in Berkeley, St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery, New York and at the Kitchen, New York. Publications: Diagram Series 1-5 (Since 1968), Infograms, from Eastgate: The Barrier Frames: Finality Crystal Shunt Curl Chant Quickening Giveaway Stare and Diffractions through: Thirst weep ransack (frailty) veer tide elegy.

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