Poétrica is an investigation about reading and reception in „cybrid“ situations. It involves a series of visual poems conceived by the artist with non-phonetic fonts (dings and system fonts) and a tele-intervention mediated by creations made by the public using the same typographic background. All the textual images are produced anywhere and submitted by SMS, the Web, and by WAP. They have also appeared on large electronic billboards located in São Paulo and Berlin. Beyond, they are reproduced in different devices (mobile phones, Palms, computers) and, in some cases, printed in large formats. Nevertheless, they result always in „imagetic“ meanings independent of textuality and unlinked to their places of production and transmission.

Giselle Beiguelman

was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1962. She is a New Media artist and multimedia essayist who teaches Digital Culture at the University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Her work includes the award-winning The Book after the Book (1999), Content = No Cache (2000), and Recycled (2001). She has recently made art for mobile phones (Wop Art, 2001), and art involving public-access and internet-streaming for electronic billboards like Leste o Leste?, Egoscópio (2002). Her work has been presented in international venues such as „Net_Condition,“ ZKM, Germany; „el final del eclipse,“ Fundación Telefonica, Madrid; „Desk Topping—Computer Disasters,” Smart Project Space, Amsterdam; the 25th São Paulo Biennial.

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