the arrival of the beeBox

This 3-D poem investigates spatial arrangement on the meaning and experience of text. Word clusters are organized in a 3-D text cube which can be navigated through its dynamic diagrammatical structure. The concepts this work focuses on are surface versus depth, the use of regions to organize space, the direction of reading, as well as perceptual distance and motion of verse. Aya Karpinska: “Spatial relationships are fundamental to every aspect of our lives. I wish to harness our incredible capacity for navigating through and creating meaningful sub-divisions of space, then apply it to poetry. Extending poetry beyond the printed page into three dimensions will lead to novel ways of representing relationships between words, as well as the evolution of new patterns of reading and rhythm. I am interested in developing a grammar for three-dimensional space; that is, encoding the basic principles that will guide creators and readers of spatial texts.”

Aya Karpinska

research and creative work focus on the impact of technology on artistic practice, in particular computer-mediated music and literature. Her diverse output includes computer music, fiction, poetry, web and graphic design, and game design. Her 3-D poetry has been featured in such venues as “E-Poetry 2003”, University of West Virgina, and the “Fourth International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium” in Havana, Cuba. She received her Master’s degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.

> the arrival of the beeBox 
> Aya Karpinska