Lyrical philological examination of the poetry by Georg Trakl within the time-space of its translatability: a metapoem in seven beats

The multimedia hypertext comes from a process in which André Vallias translated Trakl’s poems into Portuguese in order to visualize and compare the rhythmical structures of the original and the translation using a 3-D surface. Connected to this were recitations of the Austrian/Brazilian “Tropicalia” musician and writer Jorge Mautner, letters from Trakl, excerpts from Wittgenstein’s Geheime Tagebücher, altered fragments of Walter Benjamin’s essay Die Aufgabe des Übersetzers, aleatoric collages from Anton Webern’s music, and philological analyses and statistics. Here “translating’ becomes literal and tectonic, insofar as the metapoem demonstrates its structures, combinations, and its materiality between the languages: writing through (a diagram of) differing codes, the hybrid togetherness of which determines current communication.

André Vallias

born 1963, is a resident in Rio de Janeiro, and lived in Germany from 1987-1994. Vallias works as a poet and graphic designer and is a CEO of the Webhouse Refazenda. He was a curator of the first international exhibition for digital literature (“p0es1e,” 1992). As an artist he has had numerous exhibitions. His most important works include Nous n’avons pas compris Descartes (1990), Die Verse (1992), IO/rever (1995), Aleer (1996), A encantação pelo riso (2002). His latest project, ORATORIO, won the IV. Cultural Award Sergio Motta for Art and Technology.

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