Thomas Wohlfahrt:

Friedrich W. Block, Christiane Heibach, Karin Wenz:
The Aesthetics of Digital Poetry: An Introduction

Christiane Heibach:
Conversations on Digital Aesthetics. Synopsis of the Erfurt Discussions

Loss Pequeño Glazier:
The Conditional Text: Siting the “Poetry” in E-Poetry

Roberto Simanowski:
Death of the Author? Death of the Reader!

Philippe Bootz:

Hanjo Berressem:
poetopology: folded space, transversal machines, and the poetics of “emergent text”

Mark Bernstein:
My Friend Hamlet: Thoughts on Sculptural Hypertext

Karin Wenz:
Transmedialization: An Interart Transfer

Giselle Beiguelman:
WYSIWYG or WYGIWYS? (What You See is What You Get or What You Get is What You See? Notes on the Loss of Inscription)

Simon Biggs:
On Navigation and Interactivity

The Poetry of Weightlessness

Mark Amerika:
Life Style Practice

Bill Seaman:
The Illusive Nature of Context: The Negotiation of the Thoughtbody

Eduardo Kac:

Net.Drenching—Creating The Co[de][i]n.Text

Florian Cramer:
Digital Code and Literary Text

Johannes Auer:
Screen and Binary Idealism

John Cayley:
The Code is not the Text (unless it is the Text)

Friedrich W. Block:
Eight Digits of Digital Poetics

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